At 23, I was free. I could travel, create, and make beauty. These were my three driving forces. At 34, experience has given me new perspective. I found a gap between my personal and professional life. I still want to create beautiful items, but now I am aware of which experiences served my health and happiness, and which I would not miss. There are industry standards in most professions. I found that by keeping to these standards I over-taxed my mind, weakening that happy equilibrium between body, mind and spirit. Taka's framework was created in search of equanimity; calmness of mind. In reimagining a fashion accessory business, I asked myself, can wabi-sabi exist as a business? What if a business was an art? If a business can be an art, what would it look like?

My feelings are that for business to be an art, it would have to promote living as an art. Which means not only offering product with soul, integral to this lifestyle, but also as a model that creates space around it, and in that space time for other aspects of living.

Contrary to my academic studies in Advertising & Marketing, I chose to create a brand based on simplicity and intimacy. Taka is a reflection of my self, at this stage, dynamic and ever-changing, content with this impermanent state, acknowleging the space needed to grow.


  1. mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation.


  1. wisdom in natural simplicity


  1. something that is simple or ordinary but enjoyable


  1. something of a personal or private nature